Our Services

Our Services

Creative Agency

Web Design and Development

At Wigasa, we ensure to provide the best web designing and development with modern user interface and user experience technologies. Our approach is simple, and we focus on delivering exquisite web designs to our clients. We customize the client’s needs and deliver unique and exciting web designs and also provide service in all their web developments. Any work that involves development on any website for the internet or an intranet, we do undertake. Websites ranging from single plain static texts to complex websites for electronic businesses, social media, and marketing can be delivered through Wigasa with expert knowledge. In a nutshell, we take your valuable ideas and create a digital platform for you with our own twist and spark to provide you a limitless arena to explore the market. We undertake web design and development projects for business and personal websites.

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SEO Services in Sri Lanka

SEO Services

We undertake onsite and offsite Search Engine Optimization for any kind of website. At Wigasa, it is all about innovation and attraction. There are many vital elements we take into consideration when optimizing your website or web page. Onsite SEO is quite straightforward. Once we know the keywords our clients need to focus on, we start applying keyword research to our SEO efforts. We also provide offsite SEO, which is quite different to onsite SEO. The ongoing process of offsite SEO caters to a significant number of inbound links from reputable websites that connect to our clients’ websites or web pages. As different clients require different targeted audiences, we make sure to deliver the most attractive packages with the right keywords and research. Our expertise in optimizing our clients’ websites on search engines has always been an established success, and we strive to continue and keep the legacy.

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Digital Marketing

Marketing is a vast subject that divides into many categories. The newest way to market your product or service is through the digital platform. Digital platforms also have multiple sub-facets that act as marketing strategies, depending on the product or service of the seller. At Wigasa, we are keen on bringing out the best marketing strategies, including SEO, social media, online promotions, and other modern methods that are highly effective on our clients’ products and services. Using effective words, slogans, symbols, images, and videos to promote marketing campaigns depends on the way you use them. With expertise in handling marketing tactics, we strive to achieve established success and continuous progress with our clients. That is one of the main reasons why Wigasa branches out to many marketing methods, so our clients can fit into the one they require.

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App Design and Development

App design and development is the process and act of creating mobile apps for mobile devices. Mobile apps can range from personal assistants to enterprise digital assistants, to games, and many more. An essential part of creating a mobile app is an exciting mobile user interface. There are many technological facets that come into play when designing and developing a mobile app. Our primary approach is app design and development includes gathering requirements from our clients, designing prototypes, testing, implementation of the app, and integration. With all parts coming together, Wigasa ensures to give the clients elegant apps that fit into today’s world. We make sure that the apps that we design and develop stand out in the crowd. From the app’s speed to its performance, we use artificial intelligence at its most exceptional level to ensure the best quality and output in the apps we design and develop.

Professional Service Provider

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Photography & Videography

Provide professional photography & videography services. and video edition services available.

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Graphic Design

Any kind of graphic design & logo design services.

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Type Settings

Content writing & any kind of type settings services.

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